Is Pre-anesthetic testing really necessary or
am I paying my vet's children's tuition?
Pre-anesthetic testing is usually offered before any surgical procedures.  when you place
your pet in the vet's hands, you trust the vet to provide the best possible medical care.
You expect them to provide you with advice which will allow you to make the best
decisions for your pet.  In order to offer you peace of mind, the vet will offer pre-anesthetic
As in human medicine the anesthetics available for your yorkie is extremely safe.  As a
result, the anesthetic risk is greatly minimized when a "healthy" pet is put under anesthesia.  
However, if your pet is not healthy, complications can occur during and after surgery.  
while a history and exam provides the vet with important information, it is impossible to
understand the complete health picture without other tests.  Unlike humans, your pet cannot
tell us when they do not feel well.  As a result of animals instinct to protect themselves,
oftentimes they will hide their illness.  Therefore, an animals appearance of healthiness may
be misleading.  Blood work is the most common pre-anesthetic testing.  Usually a blood
chemistry, Complete Blood Count, and electrolytes check are included.  If all looks good,
they can proceed with the procedures planned.  If something shows up as abnormal, the
procedure may be modified or posponed, or the anesthetic used may be changed.
Although performing these tests cannot guarantee the absence of complications, it can
significantly minimize the risk to the pet and provide us owners with peace of mind.
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