Is a Yorkie the Dog for you?
So you want a Yorkie.  Before you step one foot out of the house or pick
up the phone, make your list of priorities- including gender, size, coat
type, and age.  Refer to this continuously in your search for the
perfect pet for you.  Once you see those dancing little black eyes, you
will be chosen, instead of you choosing your yorkie.

Before you add a yorkie to your life, consider that there are no perfect
dogs and all yorkies are like children having it's own unique
personality and needs.

Traits to consider:
People Pleasers:  Yorkies are people pleasers and accostom themselves to
household routines easily.  They are intelligent and will  look you in
the eye.  They travel well and fit into apartments well.

Pocket Pets: Yorkies are usually 3 to 7 pounds.  They are agile and can
jump on your lap and you don't have to bend and pick them up.  They can
be trained to potty outside or inside on a peepee pad.

Fun and frolics:  A trip to the park or beach will make your yorkie
think they have found paradise.  The need less exercise than a doberman,
but need exercise daily.

Aaachoo:  Yorkies are wonderful dogs for people with allergies as they
have hair, not fur so they shed little and don't have a strong doggie

Other pets and children:  Yorkies are competitive terriers and can get
into serious personality or territorial issues with other pets or
children already in the home.  Animosity should be taken very seriously.
If your yorkie fights with another pet, consider the circumstances
first.  If two dogs fight on the first encounter, they may be settling
the issue of who is boss; once that is established, they often will
abide by the decision and be peacable.  If all conciliatory attempts
fail and fighting continues, one may need to be altered.  As a last
resort, a new home may need to be found.

Male or Female:  Males often become the greatest companion to female
humans and while there are exceptions, female yorkies tend to gravitate
to the males humans in the household.  Many times its a case of them
choosing you.

Price:  The price of the pedegreed yorkie should reflect the quality,
age, sex, and disposition of the individual dog.  A larger male will
usually be less expensive than a female, while an adult female retiring
from the breeder will usually be less than a large male puppy.

Choosing a breeder:  I will tell you here what to look for as flags of a
poor breeder.  Tipoffs include: selling the puppy before 12 weeks of
age,  offering a short guarantee period, unwillingness to show both
parents, giving no agvice about pedegrees or caregiving. Also beware of
the breeder who sell several breeds, have many litters at one time, or
don't ask you questions about your home.  They just want to sell the