should I know about vaccinations?
Prevention of desease is one of the most important steps you can take to keep
your yorkie illness free.  Preventative health  includes vaccinations that give
your yorkie the best possible chance to resist deseases they encounter.  
When the body is exposed to infectious organisms, the immune system is
called upon to prevent infection by forming antibodies.  These antibodies
then fight off the invading organism.
Vaccines have been developed to assist in this fight.
When injected into your yorkie in the form of vaccine, they cause the immune
system to stimulate the production of antibodies and "memory cells" specific
for the desease.  In this way vaccines prepare the immune system to be
ready to stop infections and prevent illness when the "real" desease strikes.
Will your yorkie ever get sick?
Although vaccines are highly effective, not every vaccinated animal will be
equally protected.  Due to the variation of immune system responses, it is
impossible for vaccinations to prevent all desease.
Why are multiple boosters given in the original series and thereafter?
The need for multiple boosters is very important in young animals.  They
receive antibodies through their mother's milk that is to protect them through
the critical first months of life.  These maternal antibodies also react with
vaccines and sometimes decrease the effectiveness of the vaccine.  The first
maternal antibodies have a short lifespan and vaccines assure the tiny
yorksters have the best possible opportunity to fight off desease.  Boosters
are given annually because the immune protection generally declines after a
period of time.  The precise intervals for boosters can be determined
between you and your vet depending on your yorkies exposure risks and
health status.
Are there risks with the vaccines?
Although rare, an animal can experience complications from vaccines.  Most
are transitory but some can be life threatening.  The most common side
effects are low grade fever, depression, decreased appitite and swelling at
the site of injection.  These effects are usually short lived and self limiting.
Once I had a puppy faint immediately after a puppy shot which scared me
terribly but she woke in a minute non the worse for the experience.   Alarm
should be noted if vomiting, diarrhea, itching, hives, difficulty in breathing,
swelling of face or extremities occur.  Get immediate vetenary attention.  
Also please advise your vet if your yorkie has had allergic reactions in the
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