Yorkies, as I know them
Here I would like to discuss the Yorkshire Terrier Breed.  I will forego the description of
the standard as you can find that on the web or in a book.  I will describe some of what I
about Yorkies.

Yep, their terriers.  The yorkie veils it's challenging terrier personality behind a tiny,
cherub-faced package topped with glowing gold and silver locks.  The way the yorkie
stubbornly attempts to de-ribbon itself (after you have spent the best part of the day
making the perfect
topknot) should serve as a subtle warning to those uninitiated in Yorkie ways.  
Understanding the terrier in the toy is vital in making a life with this strong personality in a
pretty little package.

Actually the traits I speak of are part of what makes this breed a joy to live with.  Take for
example the yorkie's incredible feistiness.  The original purpose for this breed, of being
determined to catch small game even if it meant going deep into ground holes, gives us a
glimpse of this determination.  Nowadays, this big dog heart and courage have been
jammed into a less than 7 pound package.  The downside is that the yorkie can be overly
courageous, taking on dogs far bigger than itself. It may also chase just about anything that
moves thanks to it's high
prey drive.

It's no-nonsense attitude can be entertaining, but every human must deal effectively with
this strong will or you may just as well surrender the control of your house to the little
general.  You and your yorkie must develop a working relationship and the first step is to
treat it like
the dog that it is,  (OH MY GOODNESS SHE DIDN"T SAY THE "D" WORD!!!) and
not a little stuffed toy or dainty little statue.

Your yorkie has wonderful abilities as a watch dog.  It will bark at strange occurrences,
including the doorbell on the TV, and greet every visitor with gusto.  You must decide how
much is enough of the watchdog traits.

The trait that most Yorkie admirer's adore most is the breed's direct and demanding bid
for attention and it's dogged curiosity.  Unfortunately, this curiosity and boundless energy
cause the yorkie to climb furniture, counters, fences, and other barriers.

Admit it though, your life seems humdrum without this little feisty adorable bundle of
energy.  Now you may want to add the eyes sparkling with intelligence and mischief, to
your life and inevitably to your heart.