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Raleigh Memory of Glory
8-27-97 to 8-17-2000

Dear little Raleigh, our "backup" stud was such a darling.  Named in remembrance of his mother
Miss Golden Glory who died when Raleigh was just two weeks old. Raleigh was a beautiful blue
and gold, teeny, little Yorkie.  He fathered eight litters in his short life.  Raleigh was a healthy happy
little guy at 2.4 pounds.  We made a trip by car from Arizona to Michigan. The last day of the trip,
Raleigh was acting like he didn't feel well.  Once in Michigan we took him to the vet there and after
about $1400. in vet bills we discovered that Raleigh was suffering from some sort of metal
poisoning.  He apparently got into something in one of the motel rooms where we stayed.  He
would have not survived the trip back to Arizona, so my niece, Ellen stepped up to the plate and
agreed to love and care for this very sick little man.   Raleigh continued to worsen and a few weeks
later was quietly put out of misery while being held by my niece, Ellen.  Raleigh is sorely missed on
both sides of these United States.
Dazzling Star of Yorkyuma
8-27-99 to 8-22-2000

Oh my precious Dazzle.  Dazzle was
purchased from another breeder to be a
possible backup stud for our Maxx.  Dazzle
was beautiful, in his blue and tan coat.  He was
a very loving little guy.  During his short year of
life, Dazzle was ill frequently.  Many trips to
the vet, many bloodwork panels.  Everytime
we were told that he doesn't absorb the
proteins he eats and he doesn't have any
cholesterol level, and he's pitifully small.  Well,
one day I took him in to be evaluated again
and the doc says, "Well you don't want to
breed him anyway because he has an
underbite and two "loose" pantellas.  
Arrangements were made to neuter him the
following week.  The day before the surgery,
Dazzle collapsed in my arms.  I rushed him to
the vet and although Dr. Burroughs met me
and took him out of my arms, my sweet
Dazzle could not be saved.  I asked the vet to
complete an autopsy, so we could find out
what had been wrong with Dazzle.  This he did
for free, because Dazzle's illnesses had
stumped him also.  Dazzle had a major liver
shunt.  Dazzle had been suffering for most of
his short life.  Dazzle, the sparkle of my home
was brought home and buried under my
Mulberry tree.
Sandee was a beautiful, tiny little girl.  I sold her as a
puppy to a great owner of two of my yorkies.  Well
Sandee was "touchy" when it came to eating and she
was sick quite a lot.  I was contacted by the owner
and asked what we should do.  I brought Sandee to
my house for a week, and during that week she had
none of the sickness and touchiness she experienced
in her owner's home.  I took her to my vet for
evaluation.  He could not find anything wrong, but said
it might be a liver problem, because the symptoms
Sandee was having with the new owner leaned
towards such problems.  My feeding routine was
good for Sandee though and that is maybe why she
thrived with me.  A decision was made to replace
Sandee for the owner.   Then I was stuck with what to
do with Sandee.  I certainly couldn't resell her with
possible problems.  A solution was found when the
Vet's office manager, Loretta, fell in love with
Sandee.  Sandee went to live with Loretta and was
very happy there.  Her health needs were met, she has
been spayed and she is carefully monitored by the vet
(since she spent most of her days  in his office on
Loretta's lap).  Well one night in February, Sandy
went into seizures and couldn't be revived, even with
the strong love of Loretta and Doc's excellent care
pulling for her.  We  all miss Sandee dearly.
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