Gone To
Be With
I miss the wagging little tail
I miss the plaintive, pleading wail
I miss the wistful, loving glance
I miss the cricling, welcome dance
                  Henry Willet
Most people will outlive their pets
and if a dog is well loved, loosing
it will hurt.  When a pet dies,
some people are very surprised to
find themself gripped by powerful
emotions.  An owner can be
bewildered at the intensity of
grief.  Well you might ask, "What
kind of person goes through all
this over a dog?".  My answer
would be "That kind of person is
me".  It really isn't surprising
considering what most dogs
contribute to their owners lives.  
Unfortunately, people often have
to deal with a society that does
not understand the depth of their
pain.  Frequently heard comments
are "Why are you so upset over
the loss of 'puppie' when you have
so many puppies?"  Or, "Heck it
was just aa dog, get another one".  
If friends and family offer little
solace, try talking to someone
who has also gone through such a
loss.  This page is dedicated to my
Miss Golden Glory of York
1-27-96 to 9-8-97

Missie was a sweet girl.  She was not a
beautiful yorkie for the first year of her
life.  Her ears were too big and she always
looked "scraggly".    When she got
pregnant, her coat became  much more
beautiful. When Missie delivered five
puppies her first time at motherhood, we
knew she was something special.  When
the puppies were two weeks old, Missie
became very sick.  She spent three long
days in intensive care with Milk Fever.  
Missie died on the fourth day of her illness.  
The puppies were hand reared by our
family and all came to know adulthood.
Missie is very much missed
Sir Mitchell of York
12-1-95 to 12-27-97

Mitch was purchased by me at 9 weeks
old.  He was a "big" yorkie, but we loved
him nonetheless.  He was not used for
breeding because of his size.  Mitch
became the one to travel around the
valley with my husband.  He protected
the truck fiercely.  One day Mitch left the
compound, following the large outside
dogs, and lost a valient fight with
cayotes.  No matter the size of the
yorkie, or the fierceness of their attitude,
none are a match for the cayote on the
Magnolia Mae Lady of York
12-1-95 to 8-12-98

Maggie was an adorable blue and tan
yorkie.  She loved to collect all the socks
found around the house and keep them in
a special place under the table.  Maggie
had one litter.  When she produced a
"cottony-haired" little girl, Maggie was
spayed soon after to prevent the
furthering of this trait.  Lilliput, the little
girl, was spayed also.  Lilliput later
developed luxating pantellas, so this was
a very wise move to spay Maggie and her
daughter.  When Maggie was pregnant,
she couldn't have her immunizations.  By
the time she was finished nursing, it was
too late.  She contracted Parvo from a
stray we took in and became very ill.  We
had never had a case of Parvo before and
her parvo became very severe before we
realized what it was. Maggie died in
intensive care.  Valuable lesson learned