Measuring your pet for size selection when ordering:  
Alway measure when your pet is standing, never sitting, laying
down  or slouching.
Use a standard cloth or plastic tape measure.  If none is available,
use a string that does not stretch and then lay the string on a ruler,
yardstick or metal measure.  

For girth measure around the body just behind the front legs
(chest).  Do not add for overlap, we will do that for you.
For length of item (topline) measure from neck (where it meets the
body) to base of tail (not tip of tail).
For belly measure around body just in front of the back legs.

Coats and Dresses:
I will need to know your pet's weight, topline measurement, and

Hats and Bonnets:
I need your pets weight, measurement between the ears, and a
note as to whether you wish an opening for a topknot.

Cummerbunds and britches:                        
For britches I need your pet's weight and the measurement just in
front of the back legs.
For cummerbunds I need your pet's weight and the measurement
around the belly (over the PeePee)

I need the weight of your pet and the chest and topline
Measuring your pet
This measurement graphic
was made by Diane and here
is a link to her site. Thanks
Diane for letting me use your