Lilliput, named after the island of the little
people in Guliver's Travels, has some
flaws.  When she was born, she had
"Cottony" hair.  She was very small and
these two things led to her and her
mother being spayed right away.  
Daddy, Goliath was killed by a cayote.  
She was to be the last of that line.  
When she was about 1 1/2 years old,
she started to go lame.  Diagnosis:
Luxating Pantellas grade 3 and grade 4.  
Lilliput was too bad off for the surgeries,
I was told.  Well in 2000, my new vet
said, "I can fix those knees".  I checked
his record and found he was a very
experienced orthopedic surgeon.  She
had the first surgery September 2000
and the second February 2001.  Lili was
the "poster child" for this surgery!  She
could run, jump and play as if she had
never had a problem.  Then 18 months
later arthritis set in and she was going
lame again.  She could not take
Cosequin (Made her really sick) so she
was started on a series of Adequan
injections.  Lili also takes MSM in her
water.  Liliput then could run and jump
again.  She is a very special little girl!  
And yes. that's not a glint on the
photograph, Lilliput had peirced ears.
On July 23, 2002 Lili stole a piece of
porkchop from the big dog's bowl and
choked to death.  My dear friend
Loretta paid to have her cremated and
she now sits on the desk next to her
beloved Daddy, my husband' urn.
The world today is sadder
Of this I know quite well
For Lilliput crossed the Rainbow
And my eyes with tears do swell:

She gave us days of laughter
She gave us days of mirth
She was loyal till just yesterday
From the first day of her birth:

So say a little prayer
To send her on her way
She'll always be in our hearts
And memories of her will always stay.

Stephen Glass, Kids