Cummerbunds  are for male dogs who are "marking your home",
incontinent or need help with housetraining. My cummerbunds are
made of excellent quality 100% cotton material lined with diaper flannel
to aid with liquid absorption.  
I recommend using a ladies incontinent pad inside the band for
maximum absorption. I prefer the maximum size Options brand pads
found at Walmart in the feminine products aisle. "Options" is the
Walmart's brand. The ladies incontinent pads will pull the urine away
from the skin and has a urine odor absorber to keep your baby from
smelling like urine.
My cummerbunds are machine washable, but remember to close the
velcro before placing in the washer. I also recommend that you stretch
the wet belly band, close the velcro and toss the belly band into the
dryer. The velcro on each end is two inches wide to give extra hold as
well as give you room for adjustments.

Cummerbund orders are by WAIST size only, NOT the total length of a
belly band.  Please measure your male dog while in a standing position
around his waist on top of his sheath or "peepee.  Allow the measuring
tape to just touch him around his waist. Do not pull the measuring tape
too snugly or this will not give you the allowance needed to have the
pad inside the cummerbund. Using that exact measurement, the
custom made cummerbund will give a snug fit without binding or the
cummerbund scrunching up and sliding.
All Sales Are Final. No returns or exchanges due to sanitary reasons.
Cummerbunds can be made in any color or theme.
I have a huge stash of just about everything.
Cummerbunds are $5.00 each up to 15 inch measurement    Postage
Britches are one of my most popular items.  
A must for incontinence, girls in season, and
anti-breeding aid.  Used 1/2 or 1/3  
incontinence pad with adhesive strip.

I guarantee this is the best fitting britches
your girlie will ever wear.
The adjustable Velcro waistband provides a
custom fit.  My unique fit comes from a soft
contoured molded shape that's sewn right in
and keeps this wonderful shape washing
after washing.  Pads will stay right next to
your girls body.  Elastic gathers at the groin.

Britches come in pretty feminine cotton
blend prints to keep your little girl looking
like a stylish lady.  They can be made in any
color or theme, or even to match an outfit
found on other pages here.  

To ensure that you order the correct size,
measure around your girl's waistline and also
let me know her breed and weight.

Lace around the tailhole is at your option.

Britches are $11.00 each  
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NOW WITH ZORB interlayer offering these exclusively here.  
Here is some information on Zorb
DiaperMaker Zorb™ is a specialty textile designed to reduce cost and improve
performance of reusable cloth diapers and accessory products.  ZORB absorbs 10x it's
weight in less than half a second -- that's 20x faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp.  Zorb
has incredible holding power too, a single layer holds up to 3 times the moisture of the
best absorbing knits so leaking and exterior wicking can be reduced or eliminated.
ZORB can be washed using home or industrial equipment and additives.  It absorbency
is not effected by hard water or with natural detergent deposits diaper-stripping to
regain absorbency is virtually eliminated.   

soft surface, soft flexible hand cuts easily with  scissors, rotary cutters, cloth drills and
dies cutters lays flay after cutting, no fray, and no curl
sanitizes easily to help keep your products odor free dries extremely quickly!
Zorb is sewn in as a middle layers in soakers, diapers and all types of absorbent pads.   It
is non-toxic and non-allergenic made from a proprietary blend of natural and man-made

ZORB is identifiable by it's pleasant sky blue color.   

Like all Wazoodle's DiaperMaker fabrics, ZORB is NAFTA compliant.  It's manufactured in  
USA and Canada in a clean, environmentally friendly facilities with fair labor and working
Suspendered Britches
Fully lined and finished
$25.00 each
Skirted panties.
$16.oo each
Cummerbund and britches
combined for the guy who
needs two forms of assistance.
$16  Up to 16 inch waist.