The holidays are one of my favorite times
a year.  I make many things for our
furbabies.  Here you will find dresses,
harnesses and sweaters made just for the
festivities. Please note that fabrics may
vary as to what is available and I have
much more available than what you see
here. These are samples.   Just ask!!!
The silver angel dresses and harnesses are
rich in detail.  Organza skirts with lace hems.  
Angel wings to match  IN GOLD OR SILVER
Dress   $28.00
Harness  $18.00
The dark blue snowman
border dress with red piping
on hem and "Happy
Holidays" ribbon ties.
Dress        $28.00
Harness     $18.00
The candy cane dress sparkles with
red piping and organdy skirt and
Dress        $28.00
Harness    $18.00
Assorted Harnesses.
The green Holly dress with red trims.  
Fabric may vary but will be green holly.
Dress            $28.00
Harness        $18.00
The organdy dresses come in
candy cane or snowflake. Both are
double skirted.   The snowflake
one had irredescent angel wings
on center back.  Of course there is
matching harnesses for the boys.  
Dress $28
Harness $18
Thank you Feather for modeling!!!