All Breast cancer Awareness items are sold with $25% of sales price going for donation to
the Breast Cancer Awareness fund in the name of my sister-in-law Barbara Limber Tolley.
All my materials were purchased from TheBCMall.Com, and they make a contribution for
every sale. Then I went to Walmart to get the cluster stuff for the pillow beds, and lo and
behold, THEY also make a contribution. WOW, by purchasing one (or more) of my items,
you are contributing from several fronts!  What a great idea this is.  
EMAIL to order.
This oval pillow bed is
rich, thick, pink ribbon  
fleece, fully surrounded
with three layers of lace.
26inches across
Donut bed:  $35.00
This year I have an assortment of
dresses and harnesses,  All are
made with Breast Cancer
Awareness fabrics, each a  bit
different.  All are completely lined
and have piping around the skirt
and a pretty little ribbon on center
front.  Visor/bonnets to match are
also available.  The pictures do not
do these justice.  Sized to fit you
Dresses are $27.00  
Harnesses are $18.00
Bonnets or Visors are $8.00

Pretty pink ribbons on
white background.  
Lace surrounds this
one.  (Lace varies
according to size of
dress). The bonnet for
this one has matching
lace brim.
Harnesses in all the fabrics of the dresses.
Swirls of color with the pink
ribbon printed all about.
Baby blue background with little
angels, of all nationalities, each
holding the pink ribbon.  This picture
shows the matching bonnet.
Pink and blue plaid fabric with
pink ribbons
Pink ribbon and muted roses.
The BCA Sweater
Soft beautiful pink yarn with white tutu.  
Pretty pink ribbon,
Sweater made to fit your baby for
I received the dress and bonnet for "Tinker"!  It is
gorgeous!  We are ready to visit the hospital
and promote Breast Cancer Awareness.  Thank you
so much!

Marge & The Disney Gang
Angel "DUCK" on our shoulder,
"Timmy" & "Minnie Mouse" at the Bridge
Disney Gang Loving Paws, Pawsome Hugs & Furry