Arthritis, what is it and
what can I do about it?
Your little one may have started with a little skip in the walk, or maybe your
yorkie is laying around more than usual.  The vet says, "This Yorkie has
Arthritis".  whell what is arthritis and what can be done about it???
There are many reason why arthritis comes to us.  Injuring a joint may set in
motion microscopic changes in the cartlage (the connective tissue that keep the
bones from grinding against each other).  Over time, these changes may lead to
the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis.  Arthritis is a degenerative joint desease
that is one of the most common reasons dogs seek vet attention for chronic pain.  
Did you know that  arthritis pain affects one in five dogs (of all breeds)?    
Some signs to look for are :
Does your yorkie lag behind in walks or tire easily?
Does your yorkie limp or appear stiff after exercise?
Is your yorkie reluctant to climb steps or jump?
Is your yorkie slow to rise from resting?
Have you noticed changes in the behavior of your yorkie?
Has your yorkie been diagnosed with hip or knee deformities?
Has your yorkie had surgery on it's bones?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, ask your vet to examine the yorkie
for arthritis.  If this is the diagnosis, several things can be done to make life easier
for your dog.
Rimadyl is an excellent pain relief medication that is often given for arthritis pain.  
It is a non-steroidal, antiinflamatory medication.  But some dogs taking rimadyl
experience appetite loss, vomiting and diarrhea.
Cosequin includes the glucosamine and chondritin that humans use for arthritis
and joint care.  The dosage must be monitored carefully for such small dogs as
yorkies.  My Lilliput could not take this, no matter what form we attempted.
Adequan injections are given in a series.  Usually 2 times a week to start then
weaned to once a month.  This drug is also given to horses and it increases the
fluids in the joints.  This worked miracles for my Lilliput.
MSM ( Methylsulfonylmethane) is a dietary sulfur that occurs naturally in small
amounts in our bodies and in out pet's bodies.  It is water soluable and excess is
excreted in urine and feces.  Necessary for the production of collagen, this
natural dietary sulfur is reported to enhance the structural integrity of connective
tissues, including joints.  MSM has been promoted as having powerful
antinflamatory and analgesic  (pain reducing) properties as well. thus perfect for
arthritis treatment.  I use the crystals, mixed into Lilliput's water daily.
Emu Oils:  When rubbed onto the joints, emu products relieves pain and
stiffness.  Long before "The Blue Stuff" and "The Super Blue Stuff" was
developed, "Emutique Emu Oil Products" was the product developers who put
emu oils on the market and also blended MSM into their topical products.  You
can learn more about these products by emailing Connie Kidd with the link
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