Number 4
The Rosey Pink
Fusion dress
Sparkling organdy
over satin
Number 5
The Lemon Drop Dress
Sparkling Organdy over
matching Tafeta.
Number 6
Baby Blue sparkling stars organdy
over matching Satin.
Has Detachable Train
Number 7
Lavendar sequined organdy over
300 ct. Polished Cotton.

Number 8
Purple sparkling organdy over
purple satin,  Maribou trim on hem
and waistband.
These precious After-five outfits
are guaranteed to be one of a kind
for a year to insure your baby
doesn't show up at a function and
have her clothes duplicated on
someone else.  The item will be
made to fit your furbaby in less
than a week's time.  Mailing costs
are paid by me.  
The finest of fabrics, trims and
styles are used to create the
perfect After-Five attire.  
SOLD  0/1/09
SOLD  0/1/09