Meet Lazarus
Lazarus is 7 months
old yorkie and only
weighs 3.2 pounds.  He
was meant  to be
bigger but got sick and
shrunk!  The illness
caused his hair to fall
out.  This is Laz at 9
Fun Facts:
Lazarus has very big ears
for his little body.
His first name was
"Batboy" because he
was born with big ears.
His second name was
"Radar" for the same
He answers to "Laz",  
"Batboy", "Radar",
"Lazarus" and "Sweetie
More about Lazarus:
Lazarus became sick
when he was just 12
weeks old.  He was
taken to the vet three
times in two days and
then admitted into
intensive care when he
was very near death.  
Thus his name,
"Lazarus" because he
truly was raised from the
dead.  Dr. Richard
Burrows of Kingman
Animal Hospital and his
wonderful staff assists
Laz frequently to live a
full, happy, healthy life.
Mom's Home Page
Email Lazarus
But please remember I'm
a dog and sleep A LOT.  
May take me a few days to
get back with you
- running at top speed

- chewing on the Maltese

- sitting on Mom's lap

- dressing up
-  shots

- loud noises

- sharing toys

- baths

- brushing
He wants you to
know he has hair
See how much I hate shots,
Doc and Jim have to gas
me for a simple bloodtest!!!
Lazarus has a new home
in Michigan.  His new
owner loves this little guy